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Where is the best place to find a cement mixer for sale? Where can I buy a used concrete mixer?

There are several manufacturers that offer cement mixers for sale through a network of dealers.

A choice will have to be made between whether to buy a used cement mixer or to purchase a new concrete mixer truck. A used cement mixer will not suffer the same depreciation as a new one, though may cost more in terms of repairs and maintenance. Preferential finance terms may be offered in the sale of a new mixer.

Some of the main European manufacturers include Volvo Cement Mixers, Man Cement Mixers, DAF Cement Mixers, Scania Cement Mixers, Renault Cement Mixers, Iveco Cement Mixers, Stetter Cement Mixers and Terex Cement Mixers. In the United States Mack make legendary cement mixer trucks such as the Granite Cement Mixer, as do other cement mixer truck manufacturers including Peterbilt, Kenworth, Sterling, Freightliner, International, Oshkosh and Advance. Oshkosh Cement Mixers are renowned for their front discharge mixer trucks. In the Far East and China Hainuo Cement Mixers, Hongda Cement Mixers and Howo Cement Mixers are widely used mixer trucks.

If the cement mixer is going to be used again and again on several different jobs or contracts then it may be worth considering the higher initial outlay to buy a cement mixer. Over time the mixer will pay for itself provided that is does not stand idle for long periods; if this is likely to be the case then the hiring option becomes increasingly attractive. Nobody wants to pay out good money for a cement mixer only for it to sit idle incurring insurance, taxation, storage and depreciation costs.

Cement mixers for sale can, over an extended working lifetime, work out cheaper to run than mixers for hire. On the other hand, mixers can be hired for short periods of time, repairs and replacements are usually the responsibility of the hire company and the mixer can be returned as soon as its job is done, avoiding the cost of storage.

To determine the correct price for a used mixer check price guides and online listings. If buying a new concrete mixer shop around and always negotiate a discount.

Of course before buying any vehicle, including a cement mixer, its important to carry out the necessary checks to ensure the vehicle is not stolen and has no outstanding finance on it. Check the vehicle identification number (VIN) matches on the vehicle and Registration Certificate. You can also check the cement mixer's details over the phone or online with the DVLA.

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