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Training to use a Cement Mixer

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What kind of Training do I need to drive a Cement Mixer?

To operate a portable cement mixer no formal training is required, though you would be well advised to read carefully the operators handbook before thinking about starting to mix.

There are many training providers such as the NHBC who offer training courses in Building known as NVQs which incorporate training on the safety and operation of portable cement mixers.

For driver training to drive a cement mixer truck you will need to locate a provider that offers courses in LGV driver tuition. These courses can be undertaken over as few as for example 5 days depending on the aptitude and experience of the applicant.

Once you have qualified as a Class I Category C LGV driver you can get further training to specialize in cement mixer driving. Some of the large ready mix concrete firms provide training in all aspects of concrete delivery and mixing including techniques such as foaming and the use of admixtures such as accelerators and plasticisers.

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