Cement Mixer Hire

Cement Mixer Hire

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For all but the smallest of jobs cement mixer hire works out the cheapest option. Here's why...

If you hire a cement mixer it needs no storage and gets delivered right where and when its needed. Furthermore it's the responsibility of the hire company to repair and if necessary replace the cement mixer. The upfront costs are relatively low and theres no depreciation of expensive plant to worry about.

For big jobs its extremely practical to hire a cement mixer, though you may also consider buying a cement mixer. To hire a mini electric or petrol cement mixer can save time, effort and money whilst being quite easy to use.

Hire a cement mixer for the correct time when all the necessary materials and tradesmen will be on site and ready. Always return the hire mixer as soon as its job is done. Always return the rental mixer in a clean condition to avoid extra charges.

Avoid any potential disputes by carefully checking the hired cement mixer for any damage prior to signing for its delivery.

When you hire a cement mixer ensure that you operate that cement mixer exactly according to the hire companies instructions.

To protect the drum of the mixer and avoid being charged for cleaning by the hire company always wash out the drum after each mix and scour it out with water and coarse aggregates at the end of the day. Clean the drum, chassis and motor cover but avoid wetting the engine. Lubricate the mixer with a grease gun regularly. Check the oil level of the mixer after every 5 hours of operation and top up when necessary. Service the air filter according to the correct schedule and more frequently when using the cement mixer in dusty conditions.

Remember that most likely the cement mixer insurance will be down to the hirer for the duration of the cement mixer hire agreement.

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